With this special package, you have your choice of 10 Reiki attunements or spiritual empowerments for $100. This includes any Reiki attunement offered on this website, including attunements that might normally cost $40-50! You might also use this package to receive re-attunements to systems you already have. "One attunement" for the purposes of this special means any "level" of a Reiki system that offers multiple attunements but is sold as one unit. (This of course does not include multiple levels of a system or attunements that are sold separately as individual units.)

This package does NOT include online courses such as the Emotional Freedom Reiki, Xen Healing courses, Higher Consciousness Healing, or the online versions of Reiki I, II, and III. It does NOT include the Christos Initiations, which have their own package discount available here: http://www.elementalreiki.com/christospackage

NOTE TO RESELLERS: You may NOT purchase this package with a group of friends, split the cost, and then share the attunements with each other for the purpose of resale on various websites. Of course, it's hard for me to find out if you are doing this, but please, if you are reselling my attunements, each individual should buy the package separately. It's practices such as I just described that are making it hard for those of us who PRODUCE new Reiki manuals to give you new items to resell. If you want new attunements to sell, then don't bite the hand that feeds you. Thank you.

INSTRUCTIONS: After you order this special, please send an email through the contact form with the list of 10 attunements you would like to receive. If you wish to have the manuals added to your account here, please provide your username. CERTIFICATES: You have your choice of receiving certificates for ALL or NONE of the courses. Receiving certificates is an extra $50. (Sorry, it is just too complicated to sort out certificates on a piecemeal basis otherwise.)

* Coupon cannot be used to add certificates to this order or to purchase another 10 Reiki Attunements for $50. Coupon can be used on courses $50 and above available here at our YesCourse platform