Who Performs the Reiki Attunements and Healings?
Stephanie does all healing work on the site at this time.

When Will I Receive My Attunement?
I do not schedule attunements, which can be a hassle for all involved. Through my special process (Reiki can be sent through distance as well as time), you can receive your attunement immediately upon ordering, whenever it is convenient for you. I have gotten terrific feedback on this, so it works beautifully. Yes, I do perform all attunements for everyone who orders one.

Payment Options
You can order through the shopping cart with your credit card and/or PayPal balance (no PayPal account required). If you do not have a credit card or PayPal, here are some alternate ways to pay:

1. Western Union (available in many countries worldwide)
2. US Postal Service Money Order (no cashier's checks from foreign banks, please)
3. Obopay (please ask me for an Obopay invite)

To use alternative funding, please contact me. Thank you.

Do You Provide Hard Copy Certificates?

No, because I'm just not so great about getting to the post office consistently. :-) All certificates are emailed in PDF format. What's nice about this is that you can print as many copies of your certificate as you need.

I Have Not Heard Back From You
A couple of things might have happened:

1. My email got caught in your spam box.
2. Your email got caught in my spam box.
3. Your email fell through the cracks, and I missed it through human error.

First, check your spam box. Is my email to you there? If not, try to email me again. If you don't hear back, then it's likely that you're getting caught in my spam box.

Please do give me some leeway in time to get back to you. I am swamped with email daily. Thanks for your understanding! I do realize that some people expect Reiki Masters to email back instantly, and some supposedly can do that, but I am not at the computer all the time. When I am not doing Reiki attunements, I am teaching yoga, or at a workshop or class, or with a one-on-one client, or out and about in my local community. I also try to relax on the weekends. Please do not work with me if you need instant gratification in email response, since I can't promise that.

Refund Policy

Just to keep it simple and cover my butt, the official policy is: No refunds. However, no-one has ever asked for a refund on a Reiki attunement or distance healing because they were unhappy with the attunement. (I had one person ask for a refund because they did not see my vacation notice and missed the autoresponse email that was sent to them.)

For the record, I do not provide refunds, because once the manual and certificate is sent, you have the "goods" and cannot return them. If you feel you did not receive your attunement properly, just ask nicely and I will send you another one.

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