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Elemental Reiki (formerly Element Energy Center) is an online resource designed to provide training and support for Reiki healers. Here you will learn the elements of Reiki and can expand your knowledge with the many advanced Reiki systems available.

Founded in 2006, Elemental Reiki attunements and Reiki systems are now shared all over the world. These systems have been translated to many other languages, including Japanese, Spanish and German. You may have even found some Elemental Reiki attunements on other websites or available on Reiki exchanges. Getting your Elemental Reiki system attunement straight from the source (here) means you will receive an attunement directly from the founder through a divine process that bypasses human energy and works directly with spirit. These divine attunements can be the most powerful and effective, and avoid any issues with "dirty energy" that some criticize Reiki Masters for. You'll also find other beautiful systems here from other Reiki Masters, some of which are offered free of charge!

You'll find lots of resources on this website, including various courses in energy healing and related subjects. Elemental Reiki attempts to achieve a balance between paid services and free resources and offerings. The paid services help pay the bills; the free offerings are a way to give back to the community.

Advertising also supports the website and helps pay for site upkeep and hosting.

About the Founder Stephanie
I am not your typical Reiki Master. I do not have a sweet, gentle personality; instead I am naturally opinionated and strong-willed. Rather than talking "positive" all the time, I like to discuss things like politics and tough issues. I was a "nerd" in high school and I am an "INTP" on the Myers-Briggs scale, so that might explain why I tend towards preferring intellectual debate over touchy-feely stuff. It is actually not natural for me to be a known healer for that reason, as my personality type simply does not mesh with the stereotype of who healers are supposed to be.

For this reason, and a few others, I don't splash my name everywhere on the website. The Reiki attunements I provide here are ultimately not from me, but from God, so it's not about my personality so much. I think I was chosen to pass these systems along because I can write fairly well, not because I fit the ideal healer type. :-)

I am also very passionate about current events and working towards creating a free world that supports spiritual expression over rigid control. I am a libertarian, also a-typical, perhaps, but the reason I became one is that its inherent teaching is NON-AGGRESSION and that coercion of any type is wrong. This includes coercion by government "for our own good" or to force people to do good for others. Many of my ideas about a better future are also mirrored in the principles of the "Thrive Movement" and highly recommend you watch the Thrive documentary for free here.

We are at the brink of a world-wide police state that could dwarf the worst crimes of the Nazis and Stalinists, and thus much of my energy these days is going towards waking people up and empowering people to resist the evil that is attempting to overtake the planet right now. Many intuitive people know what I'm talking about as they can "feel" the negative energies pouring in and attempting to take control. I have a website that I'm dedicating towards this fight that will be launched soon.

You might also notice that I have quite a few Christian-inspired energies on the website. I was told in meditation a few years ago I needed to reconnect with Christianity. You do not need to be Christian to use these energies, but I would highly recommend connecting with Christ because you aren't likely to find better psychic protection anywhere else.

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