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All Reiki Attunements Package


With this package you get manuals and attunements for all the Reiki systems offered on this website.  This includes the higher level attunement packages, such as the Christos Initiation series (valued at $500) and Higher Consciousness Healing (valued at $300).

This purchase will give you all the attunements available on the site at the time of purchase. New attunements offered after your purchase will be purchased separately. If you already have some of the systems on the website, then you will receive a re-attunement to those systems.

I will need to manually add your manuals to your account after your order, so please be patient and give me 24 hours to do that. I will also send all your attunements "in advance" so you can receive them at your leisure.

Note: Audio/video courses, include the Reiki Home Study Video Course, are not included in this package. Certificates also do not come with this package, and are available separately. Two certificate package are available: 11 for $50 and 40 for $150 - these can be paid for on the donate page..


Price: $750.00
This website is not run by a company, but a one-woman show. Your donation helps offset the cost of webhosting and curating content. Many of the free items offered here have been developed from scratch - or shared from other generous sources. Thank you :-)


If you are having any issues with the shopping cart, you can always manually order by sending in payment via donation and then emailing your order in. But first, try creating an account and logging in to complete your order as a registered usere - that often helps! Thank you!