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I've had a rough year. This included taking a loved one to the hospital emergency room among other life stresses. It's time for me to move into a new direction. Over the years I have provided many Reiki systems that have been given away and resold all over the Internet. Most of my systems are sold by teachers other than myself, and I don't get any residuals from them. I have never really made that much money at Reiki itself. Meanwhile, I went back into computer consulting in 2009 after the financial collapse to pay bills. This work is simply not good for my health (I got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at age 17) and I need to develop more alternative income to be able to move away from technical consulting completely in the future.

At this time I am being called to move into a new direction related to healing and spirituality towards a more grounded approach that is focused on practical tips and practices based in modalities like yoga and qigong. Additionally, I have been called by Christ to reconcile Eastern and Western spiritual practices and help people connect with Jesus even if they are turned off by organized religion. For this approach I look to spiritual teachers like Paramahansa Yogananda and Sundar Singh. If you're cool with that, continue on to my "wish list."

Wish List

  • I am close to finishing my 500-hr yoga teacher certification. This last course is a 30-hour course is an online yoga anatomy course with Leslie Kaminoff that I can get at a discount through my teacher training program, but it's still $1,595.

  • After that is finished, I would also like to take a program that blends yoga in with Christianity, as synthesizing Western and Eastern spirituality is a passion of mine. This program is $1,700.

  • There's also a QiGong training course that is comparatively cheap at about $250 with a coupon I have. :-)

  • The Soma System online training ($125 without the certificate option) is something I'd like for my personal healing...I wonder sometimes if my tight muscles are actually a mild form of fibromyalgia.

  • I need some sort of HD video camera to record some of my video courses. I am not sure what to get yet, but minimum for something cheap but decent seems to be about $75.

Thank you!

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