Free Attunements

Here you will find a growing collection of free Reiki attunements and spiritual empowerments. Most come with a simple manual that you can share with others. (These manuals are generally a few pages and much shorter than the manuals provided for the paid Reiki systems, but that does not diminish the power of these systems.) All free Reiki attunements are pre-sent and available to be received whenever you are ready!

Please email if you have a free Reiki attunement, spiritual empowerment, or Reiki system you would like to share. If you enjoy these systems and would like to see more available for free, please consider sending a donation. The suggested donation is $5-10, though more is always welcome. :-) 

The recommended way to receive these attunements is the Spirit-Directed Reiki Attunement Method. The manual is available here free. 

Free Reiki Attunement Manuals: