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Free Attunements

NOTICE: Many free items below are going to disappear if donations don't pick up soon!

A lot of work has been put into offering free Reiki attunements and courses, and lately, the attitude seems to be that everyone wants something for nothing. I regularly get emails asking for free support, free certificates, free everything, without much gratitude. The worst is when you send out a newsletter and then someone who is supposedly into healing bites your head off because they forget they subscribed. 

If you enjoy these systems and would like to see more available for free, please consider sending a donation. The suggested donation is $5-10, though more is always welcome. 

Due to the time involved in upkeep and responding to emails, this free section may be removed if some energy is not given back. 

Thank you!


All free Reiki attunements are pre-sent and available to be received whenever you are ready!

Please email if you have a free Reiki attunement, spiritual empowerment, or Reiki system you would like to share.

The recommended way to receive these attunements is the Spirit-Directed Reiki Attunement Method. The manual is available here free. 

Free Reiki Course

Learn Usui Reiki the "Reiki Revolution" way for free. 

Free Online Reiki Course

Free Reiki Attunement Manuals:

Free Reiki attunement manuals are currently being moved to the following online course:

Free Reiki Attunements

Attunements available in the catalog


If you are having any issues with the shopping cart, you can always manually order by sending in payment via donation and then emailing your order in. But first, try creating an account and logging in to complete your order as a registered usere - that often helps! Thank you!