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Free Online Reiki Course

Learn Reiki for Free!

One of the most influential Reiki practitioners in its history is Rev. Jason Storm, who literally took the Internet by storm in the late 1990s and early 2000s with his passion to bring Reiki to the masses.

Storm, an American living a monastic life in Thailand, blew open the high fees traditionally charged to become a Reiki Master by offering online courses in Reiki for free. As of 2002, he claimed he had taught and attuned over 20,000 people through his organization "Reiki Revolution."

Storm's original websites are now offline, but since he released his content to the public domain in 2002, we are reprinting his original Reiki courses here. Just follow the links on the left to navigate through the course (in the box ONLINE COURSES).

Important Notes

1. Add-on Information. Rev. Storm provides a comprehensive instruction in Reiki with many add-ons that are not necessarily part of traditional Reiki training. For example, his description of the "Human Energy Complex," with its subsequent energy bodies, is his and not part of traditional training. As such, do not take his training as "gospel" - sometimes his views are his own. Yet, you will find that he offers one of the best methodologies of traditional Reiki available.

2. Taokan Advanced Reiki. In many parts of the text, Storm refers to "Taokan Advanced Reiki." Sadly, after doing some extensive online research, it appears there is no intact manual or system of Taokan Advanced Reiki available. The closest training available is an archive of Storm's now defunct "" website, which offers online training in "Taokan Karuna" and "Taokan Seichem" energy systems.

Both Taokan Karuna and Taokan Seichem appear to be similar to other systems: Storm's Taokan Karuna appears to be another name for Karuna Ki Reiki; Storm's manual has information duplicated from Vinny Amador's old Karuna Ki website. Taokan Seichem appears to be training in the old version of Seichem before founder Patrick Zeigler got rid of symbols and turned Seichem into SKHM. (See the Wikipedia article on Seichem to learn the confusing history.) If there was a Taokan Advanced Reiki system separate from these two offshoots, it was not available.

As such, it appears that Rev. Storm did not document his Taokan Advanced Reiki system if he even finished it.

3. A Brief Note on Abbreviations. Reiki is activated by the use of "symbols." Storm will often refer to symbols in his manual by their initials and not their names. Thus, if you see "CKR," he means the "Cho Ku Rei" symbol.

4. Attunements and Certificates. This course is provided as-is, as a self-attunement method of learning Reiki. No certificates or support are provided, and this website disclaims any liability in your use of this information.

The online attunements offered here from Rev. Storm's course have been recharged, so you should not worry about their effectiveness. They can be just as effective as a personal attunement directly from a Reiki Master. Sometimes a personal touch is needed, however.

If you wish to receive a personal attunement in any of the Reiki levels with a Reiki Master, these attunements are available via distance.

Certificates are only provided to those who have received personal attunements. If you have questions about Reiki, please ask them in the Elemental Reiki Discussion Forums.

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