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Level II Attunement

by Rev. Jason Storm Welcome to the next big step. This page will give you the information you need to prepare to take your attunement online in a few minutes. First of all, it would probably be a good idea for you to go to my online energy page and sit and bathe in the radiant energy of Reiki for a few minutes before you proceed from here. Click here to open a new window and load that page. Do what it says at the bottom and just get nice and comfortable and relaxed. You should also flow Reiki into yourself at this time too. If you are a religious person of whatever discipline, you might offer a prayer that you be opened and attuned to Reiki "for the greatest good of all concerned and with harm to none." Here's how the online attunement process works. You will click on the link below and go to a the actual attunement page and follow the directions. There are Reiki symbols attuned into that page so that no matter where on the internet the page is located, the symbols are active and working. Make yourself comfortable and relaxed with spine straight and feet flat on the floor, then click on the link. As the page loads, fold your hands into prayer position (palms together fingers upright and pointed skyward) with the base of your thumbs resting against the center of your chest over your heart. Keep your eyes open and follow the directions. If you need to scroll down, do so and return your hands to the folded position. You will be asked to imagine certain things happening and you will probably be able to feel it as well. If you can't feel it yet, don't worry, just know that the energy transfer is truly taking place faster than you can imagine. The final step is to place your hands on your screen, close your eyes, and visualize your palms instantly opening and strong energy flowing out. Then after you can feel the energy in your hands flowing, sit back put your hands on your knees and flow Reiki into yourself. That's it, you are attuned! Now take just a minute to relax or soak up the energy from the other page. When you feel ready, click on the link and move forward into your future with Reiki. Congratulations and Namaste!

To begin the attunement Click Here Now!

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