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Rev. Jason Storm's Message on the Reiki Revolution Website

11 September, 2002

This website was begun in October of 2000 C.E. with one small goal. Make Reiki available to EVERYONE! Since that time I have changed a great deal on my path to a center that we all share. Many of my views are different now than are represented in this site.

In memoriam of the events of 11 September, 2001 in New York City, NY, USA I DECLARE THIS WEBSITE TO BELONG TO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Free Online Reiki Course

Learn Reiki for Free!

One of the most influential Reiki practitioners in its history is Rev. Jason Storm, who literally took the Internet by storm in the late 1990s and early 2000s with his passion to bring Reiki to the masses.

Storm, an American living a monastic life in Thailand, blew open the high fees traditionally charged to become a Reiki Master by offering online courses in Reiki for free. As of 2002, he claimed he had taught and attuned over 20,000 people through his organization "Reiki Revolution."

Fusion Reiki

Fusion Reiki was originally channeled by Rev. Jason Storm, who worked to give Reiki away for free in his "Reiki Revolution" movement. All of his websites now appear to be down, but you can still experience his Fusion Reiki energies here.

You can download a Fusion Reiki PDF manual here.


by Rev. Jason Storm

(Symbol photograph: Fusion as received by Dr. Storm, artwork by Siv Breines of Norway)


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