Christos Initiation 9 - Humility


The Christos Initiations are a series of 11 powerful, life-changing energetic initiations exclusive to Elemental Reiki. Special healing energies will be provided with these initiations. Each initiation is received over a 5-day period and is more powerful than a regular Reiki attunement, but without the clearing symptoms.

The energy of this Christos Initiation is "Humility." Its purpose is three-fold:

Online Video Classes at Reiki Awakening Academy

Please check out the following upcoming classes at Reiki Awakening Academy. I teach on the first and third Wednesdays of the month from 1-3 pm Eastern, and if you can't make that time, sign up anyway to watch the video replay. FREE DISTANCE HEALING INCLUDED WITH EACH RAA CLASS I TEACH:

You do not need to do anything to receive the distant healing; it will be sent to all class participants after class ends.

Recorded Classes:

Universal Free Reiki - FREE!

This free Reiki system has been designed to make it easy for you to print out the manual and give it away to everyone. It is only 4 pages long and can be printed double-sided so that it only takes up two pieces of paper. It is also written to reach the Judeo-Christian audience in America that can be skeptical of Reiki. Please print this manual out and give it away! Thank you!

To download the document, go to the Universal Free Reiki Scribd page and click the download button.

The Golden Armor of Archangel Raphael


The Golden Armor of Archangel Raphael is a Reiki empowerment for psychic protection. It is a very powerful shield against darkness and outside negative energy. Given that we live in times where dark energies are doing overtime in their attempt to take over the planet, this shield is essential for lightworkers who are dealing in any way with the public or otherwise working to transmute the energy of the planet towards the light.

Angry Words Flush


No, it's not Angry Birds, but the Angry WORDS Flush! The Angry Words Flush is a very simple tool to use for yourself or clients after experiencing a fight or any sort of heavy criticism. It can also be used to clear out negative mental patterns and self-talk that may have developed after hearing angry words during childhood or at any time in the past. It can additionally help you forgive yourself for any angry words you may have spoken to another.

You will receive one attunement and a manual provided electronically as a pdf and an epub (for e-readers).


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