Divine Energy Transformer


The Divine Energy Transformer serves as an extra layer to the aura that helps fend off “psychic vampirism” by using divine energy as a “transformer.” If a person tries to hook into your energy, the Divine Energy Transformer will redirect Reiki energy to the person instead of your own. In this way, your own energy will not be drained, and the person who is trying to take your energy will instead receive healing energy instead.

The Divine Energy Transformer can also help rejuvenate your own energy by bringing more energy into your own aura.

Triple Shield Empowerment


The Triple Shield Empowerment is an easy-to-use energy shield that is an excellent protection for empaths who tend to pick up on other people’s energies. It’s also a good protection against psychic attack and energy vampirism. The Triple Shield is a strong energy shield, but not overly strong; you will receive the benefits of protection but not be so shielded as to be disconnected from the world. It provides three layers of protection (or filters) against outside energies.

You will receive one attunement and a PDF manual.

Reiki V and VI


This lineage of Reiki levels V and VI come from a Reiki Master in Berlin, Germany. This powerful, high-level energy is also called "Reiki-Laser" energy. You should be attuned as a Reiki Master for at least six months prior to receiving these attunements. These attunements are given together because they are "yin and yang."

Level V is also called THE GREAT HARMONY – DAI CHO WA

Several symbols come with this system, some adapted from The Radiance Technique.

Christos Initiation 3 - Alignment to Service


The Christos Initiations are a series of 11 powerful, life-changing energetic initiations exclusive to Elemental Reiki. Special healing energies will be provided with these initiations. Each initiation is received over a 5-day period and is more powerful than a regular Reiki attunement, but without the clearing symptoms.

The third initiation in the Christos series is called "Alignment to Service" because it helps create an energetic environment where you will be able to fulfill your highest destiny in your calling to help others.

Bereavement Healing Flush


Hari Andri Winarso brought in this gentle, soothing energy to help deal with loss. From the manual: "Bereavement Healing Flush is a mental and emotional healing system that (is) helpful to transform buried grief & loss, possibly manifesting as an unreasonable fear of loss or an inability to deal with another's grief."

You will receive one attunement and a PDF manual.


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