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Custom Personal Reiki Attunement


The Custom Personal Reiki Attunement is a special Reiki attunement filled with a specific energy that is precisely designed to help you at this particular point in your personal evolution. It is a unique energy for whatever it is you are going through at the moment. It can help move you forward in life in the best way possible. This is not an energy that is for others, and even if you used it again for yourself later, it would not have the same impact because you grow and change. This is an energy that is precisely tuned to what you need now, in this moment. With this Reiki attunement you will receive an intuitive reading - an approximately one-page description of what the energy might mean for you with any guidance or instructions spirit wants to share. You will receive one attunement and an intuitive reading. Please allow one to three weeks for receipt of attunement and reading.

Price: $100.00


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