Created upon request! Have you ever had a bad Reiki attunement that left you feeling drained, odd, or out of sorts? Unfortunately, a lot of Reiki energies are contaminated with other "junk" that might not be good for your spiritual health. Worse, some Reiki Masters are selling downright evil "Reiki attunements" such as Vampire Reiki - that teaches how to steal other people's energy! If you get an attunement from a Reiki Master who is dabbling in the dark arts (such as black magic) then you can get energetically contamination from them. 

This empowerment works to clear out that energetic contamination and break soul ties with any Reiki practitioner who does not abide by the true spirit of Reiki.

Please note: This attunement will work better if you yourself are disavowing black magic or any type of energetic manipulation that preys upon other people.