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Spirit Guides and Reiki

by Rev. Jason Storm Everyone who is attuned to the First Degree of Reiki has Reiki Guides that are assigned to them at that time. Some people are very aware of their guides, but others are less aware. Your guide is there to help you as you learn to adjust to the new level of energy and to help you in treating your clients. Their guidance can take many forms including an automatic knowing of what to do next, moving the hands automatically, a smell or taste sensation, a sound, and pictures in the mind. Each person will interact just a little bit differently with their guides. For me, when I give a treatment, my guides' suggestions come through as an automatic knowing of where to go next and what to do with my hands. Sometimes images and feelings come to me as well. You will learn to hear what your guides are trying to say with time and patience. But have no doubt, you will sense them and their messages will get through in some discernable way. As your practice of Reiki continues and you gain more experience, you may begin to sense the presence of others in the area as you give treatment. Very often, other healers and guides will come and assist you. It is not at all uncommon for the personal guides (or guardian angel(s), if you prefer) of the client to assist with the healing session. This is a strong indicator that some issue of destiny is present in this client coming to you for treatment at this time. Every person and maybe some animals, have spirit guides. It is not a question of whether or not they fit into your belief system, they are simply there, and they are there to help you. If you would like your guide to help you with any issue that is relevant, just ask them to. When I first began to use and learn Reiki, I had a lot of difficulty understanding what my guide was trying to communicate to me. As I learned later, I was simply trying too hard to listen and not trying hard enough to just feel the answer. But when I asked him to help me be more aware of him and better able to communicate with him, he quickly helped me. The story of how he did this is rather personal, and I'm not sure it is appropriate to share that with anyone at this point. But please accept that he did indeed help me understand him better and it was quite humorous how he did it. Guides are not all serious, sometimes they like to laugh and enjoy too. I realize that some of you may not be altogether comfortable with the idea of working with spirit guides, and that's ok. Your healing ability and level of Reiki will not be affected if you choose not to consciously work with your guides. It is truly a personal choice and you won't lose "brownie points" if you choose one way or the other.

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