Reiki Healing Video Home Study Course - Levels 1-3

Would you like to learn how to become a Reiki healer from the comfort of your home? In this distance course in Reiki energy healing, you will be given the tools to start healing with Reiki immediately. Reiki energy healing is one of the most popular forms of energy healing. Reiki energy healing is gentle, effective, and easy to use. You can use Reiki to heal yourself, heal others, and even heal pets and other animals. In this Reiki course - complete with audio and video - you will learn Reiki levels one through three. By the end of this course you will be a full-fledged Reiki Master. 

Christos Initiation / Higher Consciousness Healing Package - $100 Off

Buy the Christos Initiations package and get Higher Consciousness Healing for free! Contact me if you wish to pay in installments. The Christos Initiations are a series of powerful, life-changing energetic initiations exclusive to Elemental Reiki. One initiation will be released per month for a total of 11 initiations. Special healing energies will be provided with these initiations. These are the levels: Christos Initiation 1 - The Mark of Light