Dear Stephanie,
      I decided to give you my feedback on all the attunements through this
one email. Thank you so much for these powerful attunements. When I called
them in I was greeted with the colors of violet, white, green and gold. I
felt this warm expansive energy that entered in my crown chakra and third
eye. Then it spread through out the rest of my chakras. What I experienced

was a powerful shower of lights that touched my aura, chakras, meridians,
soles of my feet. My physical body felt stronger and more centered in peace.

      Before the end of the attunements I received a hot blast of energy
that touched my base chakra and my spine. At that point I felt a wonderful
shift take place, which caused my body to vibrate. It was so divine dear
Stephanie. :o))

     Also I wanted to mention that I felt the presence of your higher self

near my right side of my shoulder. Your higher self has the wonderful loving
energy of an angel.

      Thank you again.


Stephanie's psychic protection flame is popular in Japan.
A lot of Japanese healer receive this energy.
And it helps them.
Of course, I am the one of them.
I love not only attunement and manual but also candid and happy character.
I will tell Japanese I learned from her.


Hello Stephanie

Many thanks for the manual and I love it! All your work is fabulous and your attunements are amazing - I have recently retrained in Eastern Lineage Reiki and made the decision afterwards that I would only receive attunements from you as they are always fabulous!

Kind regards,
Stephen Lovering, Reiki Master

One Healing Academy

I have received now several attunements from Stephanie and I can state that she is a phantastic teacher and a very kind person; I enjoy to get her attunements. Her energies are so wonderful and very different. I especially like her very own systems; they are unique and the manuals are well designed.

Thanks, Stephanie!

Many blessings,
Heidi Gebhard-Burger from Germany

Heidi's Reiki Pages (auf Deutsch)

Stephanie did a reading for me that I didn't believe was true until months later when what she had predicted became true. I had really wanted to not move because I had party plans. The move was strange because I sort of felt like I shouldn't follow my gut because my mind wanted to have a party at the previous location. Moving at the time Stephanie predicted showed me that not only is Stephanie an accurate psychic, but that spirit knows what's best above and beyond my own desires and wants.