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Ho'oponopono Healing Certification

So I spent many years taking Ho'oponopono classes with Dr. Len, who I knew as I'Haleakala. I then got certified in Ho'oponopono Level 2 via Joe Vitale. The Ho'oponopono that has been popularized is simplified and watered down for a mass audience. I felt it was time to create a new training that would share some of the deep spirituality of Ho'oponopono - so voila! A new course in Ho'oponopono Healing - now being launched (officially in August but I'm already putting content up) - here's how to get it at a discount:

Ho'oponopono Healing Certification - $97 (two-thirds off) for a limited time - CLICK HERE

Or get it as part of a special bundle with Reiki Life Coaching and Money Reiki Coaching Certifications - total value over $1,500, now 52% off! CLICK HERE

 (Please note the Reiki Life Coaching course is DONE but we are copying it over to this platform - upon purchase we can also add you to our other platform where it is already all ready to go.)

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Money Reiki Founder's Course - Levels 1-3

Money Reiki Founder's Course - Levels 1-3

Embark on a transformative journey with the Money Reiki Founder’s Courses! Crafted by the original founder of Money Reiki, this comprehensive online program is designed to elevate your money mindset, embrace spiritual leadership, and help you uncover your life's purpose. The course is divided into three dynamic levels:

  • Level 1: Master the fundamentals of Money Reiki for personal or client use.
  • Level 2: Approach money management from a spiritual perspective.
  • Level 3: Dive deeper into financial healing and become a certified Money Reiki Master-Teacher.

You will receive attunements for levels 1-3 of Money Reiki and receive the manuals along with other course material not found elsewhere.