FreedomIn general, we avoid pushing politics on this website and in our courses - so much so, we will be publishing a "politics-free pledge" soon. We are open to everyone, and have an international reach with students from many countries, including Iran, England, Indonesia, Japan, India, and more. And we want everyone, no matter how liberal or conservative, to join our school and learn about healing!

That said, there is increasing pressure, even in the holistic world, to support various political causes (or even parties). Certain opinions are deemed "correct" while others...well, not so much. This has started to touch the alternative health community. Many holistic concerns such as vaccine safety are now being censored by social media networks from Facebook to Pinterest as "wrong think." We do not officially advocate for or against vaccines here (some of our teachers are against vaccines and some are neutral), but we support the rights of our students to speak about it.

We are also alarmed at people being labeled as hateful or deserving of losing jobs or more simply for having differing political or personal opinions. Many people are being treated terribly in the name of "kindness." More division is being created by assuming the worst instead of looking for the best in people.

For these reasons and more, we have created a "Consciously Politically Incorrect" community on MeWe to discuss cultural and online censorship and proactive, positive ways to change things. If you would like to join us, please do so at the following link: