Cyber Monday Sale (Until December 3) - 25% Off

Back by popular demand - many folks have requested our classic Reiki attunements. We are in the process of "refreshing" them with either a yantra or sound healing energetic attunement to make it easy for you to get attuned and re-attuned whenever you want.

Getting the Reiki catalog up will take a bit of time and we have just gotten started. But you can get 25% off at our Payhip online store until Friday, December 3rd:

Reiki and Sound Healing Store

25% Off Coupon Code: YZD9MPA7JN

You'll also find some affordable distance healing packages and more. 

Vedic Medical Astrology Reading with remedies is now available at a special discounted price for a limited time only!

Free Reiki Yantras / Healing Mandalas

The image below is a Reiki charged yantra you can use for healing and meditation. 

To download it, go here and check back regularly as we will be adding more freebies soon!

We are moving to SendFox as our main email list provider. When you order something from our store, you will be added to our new SendFox list. You will need to confirm your new subscription using the link sent in email. Once you have subscribed to our SendFox list, you can unsubscribe from MailChimp. We'll keep MailChimp around for now but we are not accepting new subscriptions. You can switch over to our new email newsletter here:

Heads up! We're changing the site name back to Elemental Reiki (Institute). Both of these URLs will point to it for now: 

Thank you!